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We try to keep our customers happy with our timely and best services, for we believe that, “with every smile of our customer we grow” and we want to make sure they keep smiling.




Triples aims towards bringing new technological revolution by creating and implementing end-to-end solution to our existing and potential clients. And to meet the challenges of it sector in the next millennium.




At triples, we not only design and develop your solutions. We help our clients to get the maximum return on their it spending. We work along with you to:

  1. Understand and design the solution.
  2. Build the architecture of the solution
  3. Develop prototypes and demos to make you understand the solution better.
  4. Build the solution.
  5. Test and validate the solution against the requirements of the client.
  6. Implementing the solution in your organization
  7. Continuous and constant support for the solution.